Real Estate

Real Estate

With growing economy in Pakistan a port was needed primarily to give access to newly independent central Asian republics, Afghanistan and to provide cargo facilities to China.Fortunately Gwadar is an ideal choice with completion of Gwadar port the trade load of Karachi port will reduce, and at the same time Central Asian republics, China and Afghanistan will have a better and cheaper access to warm water.After the completion of both the phases of deep sea port more than half of trade of Persian Gulf region will switch to Gwadar, which makes Gwadar the new commercial heart line. Apart from the coastal importance present government is also linking Gwadar with a network of highways and motor ways.To fulfill the future needs Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is building an International Airport packed with state of the art technique at Gwadar.


Plot for Sale in Gwadar

Platinum City, Platinum Seaview, Sanghar Housing Scheme, New Town Housing Scheme.

Land for Sale in Gwadar

Kalmat, Ziriat machi, Robar, Panwan, Bandi, karwat, Derbela, Kiakalat, Chubrakani, Chubkalmati, Zabat din, Chatami bul, Kulach, Chati north and south, Mazani, Shatangi and Pasni, Kapar and Deal in All Gwadar.


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