Gwadar & Government

Gwadar & Government

After the Fall of Berlin Wall, the world entered the new phase of geo-economics. The new global village was now dominated by economics and new forces also start functioning,All the governments tried to give proper importance to GWADAR but it was the brave effort of the present government, which again made GWADAR the new economic heart line for Pakistan. GWADAR deep sea port project inaugurated by President Pervaiz Musharaf on 22nd march 2002 will pave the way of economic activities in GWADAR.

This project is being built by China Harbour Engineering Corporation (CHEC), and would become operational early next year,This US$ 248 million project has regional and strategic importance would serve as main conduit for economic growth and industrial development of Central Asian State and also a sea link between them and the entire world.

In addition,a 653 Km long Makran Coastal Highway is being constructed, linking Karachi to GWADAR and Iran. The first phase of coastal highway linking Gwader to karachi is now operational After it’s full completion, businessmen from both sides would be able to reach the port easily .The GWADAR Rattodero motorway will link Punjab and NWFP to GWADAR.

The Government is also planning to link GWADAR deep sea port with Railway network to facilitate trade activities to other areas of the country. Due to the importance of GWADAR deep sea port Pakistan railway plan to lay railway tracks to link GWADAR with Afghanistan and China, the track will further link (CARs) central Asian republic and Europe.

The Government wants to make GWADAR a new economic Hub and business gateway to the region .With the completion of all the initiatives taken by the present government , Gwader will be the road to prosperity and Vision Gwader will be the gateway of progress.

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